Missing Arabella

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Overlooked twin Henrietta has had enough of being the unwanted one. Her sister Arabella is perfect - until Henrietta decides to take matters into her own hands.

This begins a chain of events that sees Henrietta banished to live with their mysterious aunt, and the sisters separated for the first time in their lives. Their parents might not miss her, but the twins share an unbreakable bond that Arabella will cross a fairytale-worthy forest to fix.

A warm and witty take on a traditional set-up of two sisters and some rather unpleasant parents. The style is fresh and fun: a mother tells the story to a child who interrupts throughout with questions and ideas.

There are lively characters and cute side-line stories including a pre-teen giant and a lovesick teacher. Great voice and a contemporary feel makes it less Grimm and more Disney. Lots of fun!

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