Mira Forecasts the Future

Publisher: Sterling

In summer, folks come from miles around to have their fortunes told by Mira's mum, Mirabella. Mira would like to follow in her footsteps but her attempts to predict the future are always disappointingly inaccurate.

As the season progresses, Mira begins to notice certain connections between the clouds (fluffy or wispy), wind (strong or gentle) and sunshine that lead to different types of weather. With the help of some simple equipment and natural creativity, she begins to make a few predictions of her own.

Vibrant, atmospheric illustrations vividly portray a seaside summer as Mira learns how to work to her strengths and grows in confidence.

This deceptively simple picture book not only gives youngsters a basic introduction to understanding how weather works, but also celebrates individual difference and talents - and shows how failure can be something positive if it is used as a learning experience.

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