Mini Rabbit: Not Lost

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Mini Rabbit is extremely excited as he is helping Mother Rabbit bake a cake. Realising they have run out of berries, Mini Rabbit leaps into action, embarking on an enthusiastic search for the missing ingredient.

As he charges off, he doesn’t hear Mother Rabbit say there are plenty of juicy berries on the bush underneath their tree house. Instead, he hurtles through fields and woods, rows across the sea to a lighthouse and even scales a snowy mountain in his fervent search for fruit.

In his haste, he doesn’t notice all the berries he passes along the way and is oblivious to the dangers lurking in the shadows. Finally admitting he is lost, the little rabbit wonders how he will ever find his way home.

Mini Rabbit’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and his tenacious approach to the task in hand will resonate with any parent of an exuberant young child. This delightfully funny picture book teems with distinctive, vibrant illustrations, which are full of humour and complement the text perfectly.

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