Mini Monsters: Can I Be The Best?

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Sparkle, Arthur and Scout spend a day running races, building sandcastles and having a brilliant time – only, while Scout is the fastest and Sparkle is the best at games and building sandcastles, Arthur starts to feels glum that he isn’t the best at anything. Yet, Arthur is the one who has unselfishly supported his friends and congratulated them on their successes, and been kind and observant enough to rescue a ladybird stuck in a web. Arthur is very definitely the best at being kind – any maybe he can teach everyone else a little something about that.

The second in Hart and Neal’s Mini Monsters series is a perfect read for toddlers and pre-schoolers – nice, clear font, a simple but effective storyline and sympathetic characters mean that little ones will be able to readily identify with Sparkle, Arthur and Scout and understand their feelings. It’s always nice to be the best at something, but it’s a good conversation to have with children that sometimes the things that people are best at aren’t as obvious as winning races, but that thoughtfulness, kindness and being a good friend are things we can all try to do better.

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