Millie’s Missing Yawn

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Publisher: Pavilion

Millie has brushed her teeth and slipped into her pyjamas but she just cannot get to sleep. Realising she is missing her yawn, she creeps out of bed to search for it. When her sleepy pets cannot help her, she ventures further and further from home to track her yawn down. But neither the Statue of Liberty, nor the penguins of the South Pole, or even the bunnies on the moon can help her. But after Millie travels home defeated and lies in bed thinking about her adventures, tiredness overcomes her and she lets out a great big… yawn! Sweet dreams, Millie.

The repetition in this night-time adventure will be comforting to children and help them wind down after a busy day. Millie’s adventures also provide a great introduction to famous landmarks from around the world. The language is simple and the book is not wordy, but with 30 pages, its best for children aged over three, who will love poring over the beautiful and detailed illustrations.

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