Publisher: David Fickling Books

Floyd’s been playing tennis since he was two – and he’s good, very good. But then Mike wanders onto the court during the final of Floyd’s latest tournament. Mike’s presence is a pretty big distraction, but that’s not the biggest problem: Floyd’s the only one who can see him.

Recruiting the help of sports psychologist Dr. Pinner, Floyd and his parents hope they can figure out how to make Mike go away. But the reason for Mike’s appearance is not what any of them are expecting… Floyd doesn't know it yet, but Mike’s going to save his life – in more ways than one.

Mike is a smart and humorous take on mental health and figuring out how to follow your own path in life. But it’s also so much more: a brilliant, pacey and engaging story packed with highly relatable characters – even the ones you don’t want to like. Floyd is courageous and full of hope, while Mike’s role is somehow simultaneously subtle and ground-shattering, steering Floyd in completely new and surprising directions, an enigma everyone wants solve. This is a beautifully told and enormously uplifting coming-of-age story.

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