Michael Rosen’s Book of Very Silly Poems

Publisher: Puffin

In this collection of traditional rhymes from across the world, Michael Rosen reminds us of the rather silly things that we might learn in the playground or from our parents, as well as including some of his own poems and that of other authors, including poems from primary school children themselves.

Some rhymes might be familiar, such as: "We three kings of Orient are/One in a taxi, one in a car/One on a scooter, blowing his hooter/Smoking a big cigar". Some, like the traditional North American poem In Frisco Bay There Lives a Whale, may be less so, but that’s all the more reason for readers to browse this lovely collection of Very Silly Poems and find a new favourite.

Separated into themes sections such as Festering Food, Amazing Animals, BIG Boasts and many more, this is a delightful volume of poetry that reminds children and adults that poetry doesn’t have to be heavy and serious – and it’s likely that you already know more poems than you think you do.

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