Mega Robo Bros 3: Mega Robo Revenge

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Alex and Freddy, the most advanced and powerful robots on earth, live with their adoptive human parents and try to balance a regular home and school life with using their phenomenal robot skills to fight the forces of evil.

The boys are supposed to keep their super-robo activities under the radar but find it impossible to resist a challenge from Team Robotix for a very public robot war.

But Team Robotix’s publicity stunts are the least of their worries when the evil robot Wolfram returns from the dead, determined to get revenge on the boys’ mum. Could this be the most dangerous adventure ever for the Mega Robo brothers?

In this third instalment of the fabulous graphic novel series, Alex is morphing into a stereotypical moody teenager who, despite his extraordinary physical abilities, finds himself a victim of bulling while younger brother Freddy is still charmingly hyper-energetic and just a little bit whiney.

As always, the stunning, full-colour artwork exudes energy and excitement and we find out more about the boys’ origins. Funny, compelling and a celebration of diversity.

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