Meesha Makes Friends

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

Meesha loves to make things, such as pictures and models, but finds it really challenging to make friends. She never seems to get it right, often misreading situations or saying the wrong thing, so comes up with an ingenious solution. Using her creative skills, she fashions her own set of friends from paper, paint, fabric and found objects. Meesha is delighted as she doesn’t feel anxious or confused around her new pals and can take them with her wherever she goes.

When Meesha reluctantly attends a party, she feels out of place, finding the environment noisy, chaotic and unpredictable. Retreating to a quiet corner to concentrate on her creations, she is startled when a boy approaches her and must summon all her courage to engage with him.

This charming picture book is perfect to share with those who may find it difficult to form friendships and is ideal to promote discussions about emotional well-being. The beautiful illustrations use a limited colour palette of grey, red and blue, with the introduction of warm yellow towards the end to represent the joy of budding friendships. These visual clues help children to recognise Meesha’s emotions, enabling them to develop empathy and understanding.

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