Me and Mister P

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Arthur is having a bad day. And it's all Liam's fault. Liam spoils everything, because Liam is different. He hates loud noises. He makes strange ones himself. And Liam gets all his parents' attention.

All Arthur wants is a completely normal family, so he decides to run away to find one. But on his doorstep, he meets a polar bear called Mister P, who is determined to move into Arthur's house, along with a smelly dead fish. Life changes considerably with an enormous, clumsy polar bear about. But why has Mister P come to stay? And will he change the Hawks' football team's fortunes as their lucky mascot?

With nods to both Mary Poppins and Paddington Bear, this book will win the hearts of every reader, with its entertaining antics and its subtle message about helping extraordinary people - and polar bears - to fit in and find friends.

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