Max at Night

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Publisher: Puffin

It’s way past little Max’s bedtime and he’s so sleepy – he’s drunk his milk, brushed his teeth (and behind his ears) and said goodnight to everyone. But – wait! Hang on. Max can’t see the moon – and he definitely wants to say goodnight to the moon before he goes to bed. Going out into the quiet night time, Max decides that he needs to climb up higher to see properly. Yet the trees, the hills and even the rooftops are silent: one of them seems to have seen the moon. Will he ever find it, and be able to go to sleep? Finally, the great silvery moon shows itself – and reminds Max that maybe he doesn’t need to go on such an epic quest every night to find it.

Ed Vere’s adorable Max features in a perfect bedtime book which will have little ones feeling very snoozy indeed by the end: shadowy colours, gentle backdrops and lulling language all feature in another brilliant little story.

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