Matt Millz

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Matt has dreamed of being a stand-up comedian for as long as he can remember. All his mates think he’s funny, but when you’re 12 years old, the chance to try and get a real audience to laugh doesn’t come along very often.

Cue the first ever ‘Anglebrook’s Got Talent’ contest and the perfect opportunity for Matt to show what he’s made of – except he hadn’t anticipated last-minute jitters, the other half of his double act pulling out at the eleventh hour, or a very, very angry headteacher set on sabotaging his efforts...

This is a light-hearted look at one young man’s dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. Zany, incidental illustrations bring the fun to life and the text includes genuine hints and tips on how stand-up works and how to unlock your own comedy potential. 

The utterly ridiculous plot and caricatured cast make it inevitable that you will end this book with a smile on your face. Feel-good fiction at its best. 

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