Publisher: Simon & Schuster

A woolly mammoth wakes up in his cave after a VERY long sleep and goes outside for breakfast with his herd. Yet he is appalled to find no sign of his friends and family, and, instead, a very irritating tractor outside. Worse, there are strange birds in the sky, and lots of odd things – beetles? – honking and chugging in long lines.

Sighting a huge gleaming forest of glass in the distance, the mammoth makes his way over a bridge to it, still looking for his mammoth family, yet they’re still nowhere to be found. The mammoth tries to fit in, but no one in the city seems very welcoming. Plus, it smells very strange.

Finally, the mammoth hears a faint trumpeting sound and follows it until he finds a group of children playing music, who are delighted when he joins in! The mammoth has found a new herd where he can be as big and loud and proud as he likes.

This is a really fantastic picture book – well told, amusing, brilliantly illustrated and with a great concept, which also has a subtle message about feeling lost and finding your people.

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