Mammoth Pie

Publisher: Andersen Press

A very hungry caveman wants nothing more than to eat a mammoth pie. But with the fat mammoth at the  very top of the mountain, it proves more difficult than the caveman initially thought. He enlists the help of his friends, Og, Gog, Bog, Nog and Mog, and hatches a plan to catch the mammoth, yet even with their spears set and traps laid, will they really be able to catch a giant mammoth and turn it into a mouthwatering mammoth pie?

Young children are sure to enjoy by this picture book from favourite author and illustrator duo Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. The lively rhyming text is perfect for joining in with, and Ross's comical illustrations are full of humour and personality. A funny story that is ideal for reading out loud either at home or in the classroom.

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