Mad About Mega Beasts!

Publisher: Orchard Books

Some of them live on the land, some live in the sea; some of them are fierce and some are gentle as can be! This whistle-stop introductory tour of some of the world's largest inhabitants introduces the mega beasts! 

Including Woolly Mammoths, Emperor Penguins, Giant Squid, Blue Whales, Pythons, Brown Bears and Buffalo, they may be found all over the world in the deepest oceans and densest forests, the highest mountains and the earth's coldest place. They are truly majestic creatures. 

This book celebrates these extraordinary animals, each accompanied by a humorous, wittily informative rhyme and vibrant, bold illustration. There are also Mini Beasts to discover hiding in each picture - creeping in from a partner volume exploring the world of the very small. Great fun!

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