Lulu Loves the Library

(10 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Alanna books

Lulu has her library card, her rucksack full of borrowed books, and a big smile on her face, because it's Tuesday – and on Tuesdays Lulu and her mummy go to the library. McQuinn and Beardshaw radiate enthusiasm for libraries in every bright and energetic page of this book, and expertly diffuse a toddler's initial nervousness about a new experience. Lulu eagerly anticipates her weekly visit, for not only does she enjoy being able to choose her books, but also the other activities at the library and the café visit afterwards. At bedtime she and her mum enjoy these new books along with her old favourites. An excellent preparatory picturebook for those ready to make their first trip to the library.

This edition includes an Audio CD that children will love to listen to over and over!

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