Publisher: Andersen Press

Lily’s never felt so afraid or alone – or so tiny.  Kidnapped by a giant, she’s imprisoned in a birdcage in his grimy attic. The giant is Gulliver: distraught that his traveller’s tales about Lilliput’s miniature kingdom aren’t believed, he’s now acquired proof: Lily.

Lilly’s unlikely saviour is plucky Finn Safekeeping, apprentice to murderous clockmaker, Mr Plinker.  But how will Lily return home? She’s no idea where Lilliput is, or how she’ll get there. Gulliver’s book must contain some answers. Helped by Finn and exuberant chocolatier, Mr Ozida, she hatches a plan, but Mr Plinker has other ideas

This enchanting, deftly-plotted fantastical adventure balances an ingenious plot with lyrical language, ebullient characters and subtle emotions. A memorable and magical spin on Gulliver's Travels.

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