Liesl & Po

Publisher: Hodder

'Coincidences, mix-ups, harmless mistakes and switches. And so a story is born.'

Following her father’s death, Liesl grieves, locked alone in her attic room. From the shadows below, a lonely boy gazes upwards, wondering why she no longer sits sketching at her windowsill; he’s carrying a wooden box that must be delivered to the Lady Premiere. In a workshop across the city, an alchemist has created the world’s greatest magic and on the table of Mr Gray ('Body Disposal Since 1885') sits a box containing Liesl’s father’s ashes.

Somehow, mysteriously, magically – with the aid of a ghost and it's pet – all these stories intertwine: death and danger are balanced against friendship and love in this intoxicating blend of adventure, fairy tale and fantasy.

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