Level Up! Block and Roll

Publisher: Stripes

Best friends Max and Flo find themselves trapped inside Max’s favourite construction video game, Blocktopia. The world is made up entirely of blocks and besieged by destructive monsters, including towering Boulder People, eight-tentacled Octopeople and slightly disconcerting Faceless People.

When the children meet the Architect, they agree to help him build the perfect city in the hope that they’ll be able to leave the game. Max is in his element, particularly when he joins the Great Wall team, but Flo is less enthusiastic and is sent to the mines to dig for resources. As she swings her pickaxe into the ground to unearth new blocks, Flo begins to question why the monsters are destroying the city. Her investigations lead to some surprising discoveries, but can she convince Max to listen?

Funny, fast-paced and ideal for those who enjoy gaming, this accessible science fiction adventure series is perfect to entice children to read. The black and white, graphic-style illustrations set the scene perfectly, while short chapters or "levels" separate the story into manageable sections for independent young readers.

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