Kids Can Cook: Fun and Yummy Recipes for Budding Chefs

Publisher: Button Books

A lot of children start to become interested in helping out in the kitchen at primary school age. This simple but cool-looking cookbook is a perfect introduction to simple yet yummy recipes which can be enjoyed by the whole family, and give young cooks a huge sense of achievement in having made them.

This lovely book begins with some simple info about cleanliness, safety, basic techniques and a guide to kitchen equipment, then dives straight in to recipes for all manner of delicious kid-friendly food, split into three categories: Breakfasts, snacks and breads (including very achievable sweetcorn quesadillas, cheese straws, muffins and scrambled eggs), Main meals and sauces (a lovely array of kid favourites such as pizza and pasta bake as well as a simple curry recipe, chicken fajitas and fishcakes) and Sweet treats (with healthier choices such as fruit lollies and flapjacks among puddings like strawberry sundae, and vanilla fudge for sweets).

There’s plenty of choice here but nothing is very complicated, meaning that even fussy eaters will probably find something they can try to make (and eat), with the added bonus that kids are more likely to be willing to try new things if they’ve made them.

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