Kid Sherlock

Publisher: Action Lab

Sherlock likes to spend his lunchtimes improving his detective skills. One day, he is on his knees with a magnifying glass, investigating the unique characteristics of grass in each part of the playground. As a result, he isn’t too popular with the other children in his class, especially the class bully, Kyle – so he is delighted when a new pupil arrives.

John Watson, who is incidentally a dog, becomes best buddies with Sherlock. Together, they solve mysteries – like what is causing the horrendous smell lurking in the classroom and who has stolen Emma’s favourite doll...

Loosely based on the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, this sharp and witty comic features mysteries for readers to get their teeth into, and is a great introduction for youngsters into the world of Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft.

As if the detective work isn’t tough enough though, readers also see Sherlock navigating daily school life and the challenges involved in making and keeping friends. Between each episode, there are puzzles and valuable in-depth tutorials for how to draw and colour great comics at home, too. A quick read that is suitable for slightly older children who can appreciate the more sophisticated humour.

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