Katinka’s Tail

Publisher: HarperCollins

Katinka is an ordinary and lovely white pussycat – apart from her tail, which is stripy.

Everyone notices that tail and asks about it – so much so that her owner (an old lady with white fluffy hair who looks rather like the author and illustrator Judith Kerr) finds it somewhat annoying. She always denies that there’s anything odd about her cat with its stripy tail, but is she really right about that?

This is a beautiful, funny, warm and tender picture book, which takes a joyous and magical twist at the end. The drawings are absolutely beautiful and the story flows perfectly. We’re in the presence of a true master of her art here, with Judith Kerr – well, she’s been writing and illustrating books for nearly 50 years!

A book to savour and read over and over again, especially at bedtime. Fans of Judith Kerr’s Mog books will love it, of course...

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