Just Read!

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Publisher: Sterling

There's so much fun to be had reading! You can read anything, anywhere, anytime - and you'll always find an adventure to go on.

That's the idea behind Just Read!, a wonderful celebration of the joy of books from Lori Degman.

The rhyming text skips along, encouraging little bookworms to read at any opportunity: whether they're stuck in a traffic jam, shopping in the supermarket, or at the park. And there are so many fun stories to explore, too!

Just Read! really is a title to savour, as Victoria Tentler-Krylov's beautiful artwork jumps off the page, full of tiny details to spot – from the woman trying to read a book about meditation next to a screaming baby, to a park scene in which almost everyone is enjoying a story of some kind (even if it's on a tablet or a phone).

It's also a gently inclusive book, whether it's the casual inclusion of a character in a wheelchair or the text picking up on the way different children read, including Braille and sign language.

Book-lovers everywhere will be utterly charmed by this gorgeous addition to their shelves – though note that it does include some American spelling and references.

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