Jaz Santos vs. the World

Publisher: Puffin

Jaz loves football but it seems that only boys get to play. Jaz’s mum, from Angola, and her father, from Scotland, no longer get on – and when her mum nearly burns the house down, her parents decide it is time for Mum to move out. It leaves Jaz desperate to get her back. Maybe if she scores enough goals and wins the football tournament? But first she has to get together a team of girls...

Warm-hearted and funny, this book tackles sexism head-on. It shows a team of girls who care about each other and support each other, despite their many differences. It truthfully explores the sexism in society and schools, whereby boys get all the football equipment, time and investment, showing how girls are shut out of sport from the earliest age.

This is a funny book but there are also many opportunities to learn about football and real-life women football players. The sub-plot about a mother who has walked out also shows another dimension to women that is rarely explored in literature.

This book would be enjoyed by all children, not just girls, and not only those who like football.

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