Jack and the Giant Tantrum

Publisher: Ladybird Books

Jack, like many toddlers, can get cross about a lot of things: having his hair combed, having to go to bed, and when someone else plays with his ball. When Jack gets cross, his tummy gets hot, he yells, wails, kicks and stomps – scaring his friends into the bargain.

One day at the park, Jack has a giant tantrum and not only breaks the slide, but also destroys his friend Mina’s sandcastle. What can he do when he gets a tantrum to make sure that he doesn’t take his feelings out on everyone else?

Luckily, Mum suggests some useful tactics: cuddling a teddy, asking for a hug, taking some deep breaths and counting to ten might work. She reminds him that it’s okay to be sad or angry, but there are better ways to deal with it than stomping and yelling. Will Jack be a better friend now, even when he gets cross?

Reminiscent of other recent tantrum type picture books like Nadia Shireen’s Barbara Throws a Wobbler, Jack and the Giant Tantrum is a slightly more serious take on tantrums and how to deal with them, with helpful guidance at the back of the book for parents of kids that may be experiencing their first ones. It’s a gentle and relatable read for little ones who will no doubt be able to see themselves in Jack, and hopefully take some of the lessons on board.

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