Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World

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Publisher: Amulet

Jack, Ava and Matt are foster siblings. Ava and Matt are geniuses, building robots and knowing the answer to practically everything. And Jack? Well, he's just Jack.

By chance, the trio find themselves living next to one of the world's most eminent scientists, Dr Hank Witherspoon. Ava and Matt end up with the job of their dreams, whereas Jack is stuck running errands. The three soon accompany Hank to Antarctica for a prestigious science award. But when a scientist goes missing, only Jack seems concerned…

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a household name in America, best known for his educational TV show for kids. With Nye, you get real-world science and facts explained in an entertaining and captivating way. But, joyfully, this knowledge is seamlessly woven into a fast-paced story. You'll be learning loads without even realising it. It's the perfect blend of mystery, science and memorable characters.

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