Izzy Gizmo

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Izzy Gizmo is a girl that loves inventing things: the Swirly Spagsonic, the Tea-Mendous and the Beardtastic, for instance. But unfortunately, something always goes wrong: Grandpa gets more than he bargained for in the foamy grasp of the Beardtastic’s clippers, and the Swirly-Spagsonic has an unfortunate effect on the wallpaper.

One day, Izzy finds a wounded crow and decides to build it some new wings, but it’s so difficult! Will Izzy keep her cool, and keep going to succeed?

Izzy and her grandpa’s relationship is really lovely, with Grandpa being the one that helps Izzy to keep trying with her inventions and not get cross when they don’t work straight away. Sara Ogilvie’s depiction of Izzy’s frustrated expressions are absolutely wonderful, and it’s great to see a picture book represent a black girl so delightfully enmeshed in her technological inventions.

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