It’s MINE!

Publisher: Walker Books

One day, a mysterious egg-shaped thing arrives in the middle of the woodlands. On seeing it, Mouse thinks it’s a delicious fruit and takes it home to eat, but Frog steals it, thinking it’s a wheel for his bike. Fox thinks it’s a ball, and Bear thinks it’s a chair. Yet when the egg hatches, none of the animals want to keep what’s inside except its mama. What might it be?

This brilliant, rhyming story uses repetition to great effect so that little ones can quickly repeat the words along with the grown-up reading. Peek-through pages enable little ones to have more of a sense of play with the book, perhaps using the circles cut in the pages to peek through themselves or hide behind as well as seeing how they highlight the animals in the story and follow the egg. Last, there’s a lovely hug between baby and Mama on the last pages for a super snuggly ending.

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