Into That Forest

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Publisher: Farshore

An elderly woman in rural Tasmania recalls the extraordinary events of her childhood in this powerful and unusual short novel from an award-winning Australian author.

Hannah and her friend Becky are enjoying a pleasant day out on the river with Hannah's parents when disaster strikes and all four are swept overboard. Washed ashore, the two girls awake to find themselves alone in the wilderness, being watched over by a Tasmanian tiger. At first, they are afraid, but as the girls find themselves growing closer to the tigers in order to survive, they also uncover the wild side of themselves. Isolated from all other human contact, they begin to forget their former way of life, and even their language. Life in the bush can be brutal but their ultimate return to civilisation, after four years with the tigers, proves to be even more traumatic and painful.

A haunting and evocative tale of survival against all the odds, told in a memorable narrative voice, this story that will stay with readers long after they have closed the book. Intensely gripping, blending together horror and beauty, Into That Forest is a remarkable novel that deserves to be read and remembered.

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