Inside the Suitcase

Publisher: Gecko Press

In a sweet little house up in the hills, a little boy is packing his suitcase as a blue cat looks on. But what’s inside the suitcase, and where is the little boy going?

Journeying to tall, pointy mountains and a dark forest, the little boy finds wonderful treasures and mysterious monsters, all the time collecting things in his suitcase, or using what he has to give to others. Finally, he finds himself back where he started, but having had a wonderful adventure.

Flap books are nothing new, but Perrin’s use of multiple flaps-inside-flaps makes this book a real immersive adventure. The flaps aren’t just standard square or rectangle but wonderfully crafted diamonds, houses, beans and much more, and because they’re made of a lighter card, they aren’t as suitable for really little ones. This is a perfect book for a 4 to 5 year old who will love the mystery and the magic of the illustration but will understand not to rip the flaps.

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