I'm Not A Mouse!

Publisher: Child's Play

Olivia’s mum’s pet name for her is Mouse, and Olivia doesn’t like it at all, because every time Mum shouts, cheers or calls “Mouse!” Olivia turns into one.  It’s not great when she’s playing football, about to blow out her birthday candles or roller-skating: in fact, it’s most inconvenient. One day, Olivia decides that she’ll teach Mum a lesson by not responding to “Mouse” anymore.

Yet, Olivia starts to realise that her friends all have the same problem: Hasan’s auntie keeps turning him into a pea and Lyla’s dad calls her Pumpkin. Even Grandad has a pet name for Mum - and Mum definitely doesn’t like it at all!

Pet names for children (and within the wider family) are very common, and children - especially if they feel they are getting too old to be called sausage, angel, noodle or cutie-pie - will relate to this warm picture book. It’s a great opportunity to laugh at all the silly pet names we have for each other, and celebrate how nice it is to feel special, too. Perhaps little ones will find out that even grown-ups get called embarrassing pet names - it’s definitely not just for kids.

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