I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

Publisher: David Fickling

Mabel is adamant that she does not like books, yet people keep giving them to her, for birthdays, as treats and sometimes for no reason at all. She is a resourceful girl, so finds good uses for her growing library: she stacks books to create a handy step ladder; piles them up as a doorstop to keep her brother out of her room; she even sledges down the stairs on larger volumes. The only thing she doesn’t do is read them.

One night, as she settles into bed, the books take charge, flapping around Mabel’s head and pulling her into their pages. She is amazed to meet a variety of characters who provide tantalising glimpses of thrilling escapades, from a detective on the trail of a diamond thief, to an astronaut embarking on an epic journey through space. She finally realises that stories are a gateway into limitless worlds of excitement, magic and adventure.

This delightful picture book, which should appeal to reluctant and avid readers alike, celebrates the power of stories to ignite imagination and inspire creativity. The colourful, dynamic illustrations have a marvellous, hand-drawn quality and brilliantly entice the reader into the tale.

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