Hungry Roscoe

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Roscoe is a little raccoon in a busy city, and he is hungry, but he’s sick of eating other people’s leftovers. He wants lovely fresh fish and juicy fruit, so when his friend Benjy tells him the animals in the zoo get fresh food every day, Roscoe wants a slice of the pie but with a beady-eyed zookeeper on the prowl, it isn’t as easy as scavenging in the bins. The zookeeper’s food is for the animals in the cages, but with some determination and a bit of dressing up, Roscoe is ready to get behind bars and enjoy a feast in disguise.

Beautiful production from Flying Eye Books gives this fun picture book a traditional feel, reminiscent of Gene Zion’s Harry The Dirty Dog or a classic cartoon caper. Children will adore Roscoe’s inventive disguises and the dastardly zookeeper is sufficiently outwitted…by the cheeky monkeys! Happy Roscoe ends up with a big full tummy and a smile on his face, and little readers will too.

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