How to Look After your Human: A dog’s guide

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Using her expert knowledge and years of experience with her owner, Kim, Maggie Mayhem advises her fellow canines how to best look after their humans. Passing on her wisdom on all the tricky topics, including training, nutrition, exercise, grooming and hygiene (and a surprising chapter on 'how to dress your human') the book ends with Maggie's ten commandments, which offer sage advice such as 'If it's on the floor, it's edible' and 'Cats, generally, are the enemy'.

Beautiful production and stylish illustrations from the very cool Helen Hancocks makes this fun book a great gift for dog lovers of any age. Adults will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek tone and dog owners may recognise themselves in the situations. Lots of laughs and lots of fun to share with your pooch.

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