How to Keep a Boy as a Pet

Publisher: Electric Monkey

Circe Shaw is quite good at looking after animals, but not so adept when it comes to taming herself a boyfriend. But this summer, Circe is determined things will change, and sets out to transform herself into a fabulously sophisticated journalist just like her hero, uber-cool New York columinist Jess Bradley, and to discover the scientific truth about boys.

Circe sets up her own blog to document her own experiences, Circe soon finds the perfect subject for her experiments - bad-tempered horse-lover Rufus. But it soon turns out it's not so easy as she had hoped to keep a boy as a pet, especially when he has his own mysterious secrets. Then she has school mean girl Portia to contend with, not to mention her mum's annoying boyfriends, and her own Dark Past.

Told through the medium of Circe's blog, this is a warm-hearted, humorous and entertaining tale of the unexpected ups and downs of relationships and friendships. With its chatty, funny narrative voice,  How to Keep a Boy as a Pet is an enjoyable teenage novel that will keep readers entertained right up to its satisfyingly happy ending.

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