How to Find Gold

Publisher: Walker Books

'Let's find gold' begins this sweet and unusual picture book from Viviane Schwarz, creator of the endlessly inventive There Are Cats in this Book series. Told in a charming dialogue exchange between Anna and Crocodile, the brave pair set off on a mission that is dangerous and difficult, and all the better for it.

They know that gold will be under an X on a map, that it will be buried or sunken, and that they will encounter monsters to get it. What they do with the gold when they find it pokes gentle fun at the nature of storybook gold.

Theirs is an enchanting little mission with some instantly loveable companions. Schwarz's illustrations are truly lovely, from the simple lines of the characters to the stunning double spreads of the discovery itself. This story celebrates the imagination, play and adventure - children (and adults) will be behind Anna and Crocodile all the way.

The story seems to mark a change in Schwarz's style - and hopefully Anna and Crocodile will have more adventures in the future. There is so much to enjoy in this picture book, it is surely the readers themselves who have struck gold.

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