Hop Little Bunnies

Publisher: Bloomsbury

In a field, four little bunnies are sleeping until noon. Yet, when they wake up, it’s time to hop! The lambs wake up and baa, the kittens wake up and mew and the little chicks wake up and cheep, cheep, cheep. At the end of the story, there’s a whole new song to be sung – but it’s bedtime, and so all the animals go to bed. Good night, everyone!

Featuring the popular nursery song, illustrated on consecutive pages, the sturdy flaps in Hop Little Bunnies reveal the best bits of the song – hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop! – that children love jumping up and down to, with animal noises to make on the other pages too (with jumping still very much encouraged).

Laura Hughes’ illustration gives the song an adorable makeover, ensuring that little ones will ask for this book again and again.

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