Highest Mountain Deepest Ocean: A Pictorial Compendium of Natural Wonders

Publisher: Big Picture Press

Did you know that the Blue Whale's tongue weighs as much as an elephant, and its heart as much as a small car? Or that the Hercules Beetle can grow to 19cm long? Dinosaurs, bugs, oceans, trees and storms and many more topics are included in this beautiful hardback, ranked by their largeness in some way, whether that is the land animals that burrow the deepest, those that migrate the furthest or the oldest living trees. The enchanting illustrations by Page Tsou give the book the feel of a Victorian museum or compendium with the same sense of fascination that the Victorians had for natural history.

The biggest, widest, longest and deepest categories of things are always popular subjects for discussion with children, which makes this lovely book a winner both as a place for parents to find answers and for curious children looking for their next "Did you know?" fact. It's not too wordy and the words that are there are quite straightforward, making this an ideal illustrated nonfiction for middle primary-aged children. 

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