Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More To Life

Publisher: Red Fox

Jennie is bored. Bored, because she has everything a dog needs. So she packs her black leather bag with gold buckles and sets off to have an experience…Then she can be the leading lady for The World Mother Goose Company.

Jennie's first job is nurse to a baby who only wants to SHOUT. But Jennie will be eaten by a lion if she can't make Baby eat instead - so Jennie sets off for Castle Yonder in search of Baby's parents. On the way, she loses everything. Now she has had so many experiences, Jennie can be the leading lady!

Originally published in 1967, this charmingly quirky, slightly surreal story is from the author of Where the Wild Things Are - and illustrated with Maurice Sendak's wonderfully detailed drawings.

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