Harry the Dirty Dog

Publisher: Random House

Harry is a white dog with black spots. The one thing he really hates is having a bath. When he hears he is about to have a bath, he runs away. Harry spends the rest of the day doing really fun things - playing tag, sliding down a coal chute, playing by the railway…all the time getting dirtier and dirtier. But when he gets hungry and returns home, his family don't recognise him! How can he make them see it's Harry underneath the dirt?

Harry the Dirty Dog is a delightful story about a mischievous and fun-loving dog. The spreads are old-fashioned but filled with humour. The illustrations provide great fun in trying to find where Harry is. There are loads of other things to point out - from the train scene to construction sites and flower shops - making this an engaging and energetic story to tell.

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