Hamish and the Neverpeople

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Having saved the world from the evil Worldstoppers in 2015, Hamish and his friends in the PDF are again faced with the threat of world domination by an evil mastermind. This time it's Scarmarsh and his deadly zap, which blanks people's brains and leaves them powerless to oppose him. Hamish is also searching for his father, a member of Belasko, a secret organisation dedicated to outwitting any force trying to harm the Earth.

As the PDF search, they discover an alternative world, where everything is the opposite of our world, and their alter egos - the Neverpeople - live. Together, using their individual skills, they fight their foes.

A fast-moving, hugely funny, uproarious and irreverent storyline will engage junior readers, especially boys.

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