Publisher: Walker Books

Favourite author Allan Ahlberg retells the favourite story of Goldilocks in half-a-dozen different ways in this delightful book, the full title of which is Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the 33 Bears and the Bliim and the Furniture and Lots More Variations.

In these entertaining little stories, the very cheeky Goldilocks has some unusual adventures, encountering 33 bears rather than the traditional three; entering the spaceship of a family of cute green aliens called ‘The Three Bliim’; and stumbling upon a cottage bursting with all manner of familiar fairy-tale characters from the three little pigs to a rather suspicious-looking grandma; before in the last story, she finally gets a taste of her own medicine.

In the tradition of Jolly Postman and Other People’s Letters, this beautifully-presented interactive book puts a new spin on favourite fairy-tale characters. There are a whole host of different features to explore, from tabs to pull, to intricately-constructed pop-ups, to a mini book-within-a-book to read, as well as all kinds of details to spot in the pictures, from dancing rabbits to buns and ice-creams.

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