Gods and Warriors: The Outsiders

(16 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin Books

Set in the Greek islands during the Mycenean Bronze Age, Gods and Warriors is the first in a new historical trilogy from bestselling author Michelle Paver.

Young goatherd Hylas is wounded and running for his life from a sinister gang of black-clad warriors, the Crows. In the chaos he has lost his little sister Issi, but gained a mysterious sacred dagger, which it soon becomes clear that the Crows will stop at nothing to possess.

Meanwhile, twelve-year-old High Priestess’s daughter Pirra has been promised in marriage to an Achaean lord she has never seen. Horrified by the prospect of an arranged marriage, Pirra makes up her mind to escape. Soon, she and Hylas find themselves thrown together on a mysterious island. Although they couldn’t be more different – Hylas is poor, tough and self-reliant, whilst Pirra is used to a life of sophistication and luxury – the two must work together if they are going to survive. Unexpected help comes from a young dolphin who Hylas names ‘Spirit’, and from wealth chieftan’s son Telamon who soon finds himself caught between hi s loyalty to his father and his clan, and his desire to help his friends.

A fast-paced page turner with an appealing touch of magic, this exhilarating adventure story delivers everything readers have come to expect from Michelle Paver. With an interesting and distinctive historical setting, engaging characters and plenty of action, Gods and Warriors launches this trilogy off to an exciting start.

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