Goddesses and Heroines: Women of Myth and Legend

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

For our ancestors – and in cultures around the world today – female deities were and are a key part of billions of people’s spiritual faith, religion and daily worship. Goddesses were (and are) often linked to nature – the seasons, the moon cycle and to earth itself.

Empowering tales of ancient goddesses can make us feel brave, loving, clever and protect the things that are important to us. Mulan, a mighty warrior, was only a teen when she decided to take her father’s place and go to war. After twelve years, the Emperor offers her anything she wants, but she chooses to go home instead.

In Nigeria, Osun is the only female orisha of seventeen. When the male orisha exclude her, her love stops flowing and the rivers dry up, a desert creeping over the earth. Osun’s fellow orisha have to beg her forgiveness to make the world bloom again.

In this gorgeous book featuring the stories of thirteen goddesses from different cultures – Sumeria (now Iraq), China, Mexico, Japan, Nigeria, Greece, Ireland and many more – Xanthe Gresham-Knight reminds us of the powerful women of myth and legend who have always had our backs.  Alice Pattullo’s modern and inclusive illustrations suit the book perfectly, making it feel at once both funky and eternal.

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