(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books

The dark towers of Clovenstone are home to several bands of goblins who spend their time squabbling and fighting each other. But Skarper is different: he is inquisitive and clever and for that is ejected by King Knobbler and thrown off Blackspike Tower. He survives and joins forces with Henwyn, a boy looking for a princess to rescue, and a band of incompetent wizards on a strange yet exciting and dangerous adventure.

Goblins has all the elements of a great adventure story. Skarper's world is brought to life with plenty of imagination and ironic wit in the style of Monty Python. The language is beautifully descriptive; in Clovenstone's towers 'gargoyles lurk in their ivy like lice in beggars' beards'. Entertaining, hilarious and an utter delight.

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