Ghoul Scouts: Welcome to Camp Croak

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Publisher: Guppy Books

When ace storyteller Lexie finds herself marooned at Camp Croak for the summer, she’s happily at home with the three-headed witch Miss Parsleigh, Miss Sage and Miss Rosemarie, and the other ghoulish kids, all of whom love nothing better than sourcing poisons in the swamp, interior decorating with skulls and communing with the dead.

Yet when Euphemia Vile, a big-haired Texan glamazon, steps onto the scene, it’s clear that she’s got an evil agenda. Planning to make millions from Camp Croak, it seems like Euphemia can’t be stopped – unless Lexie, Sweet Boo, Bebe and Mary Shelley can think of a plan that utilises all the skills they’ve learnt at Camp Croak.

The first in a new series from Taylor Doran presents an original and distinctive Louisiana heroine, perfect for fans of Laura Ellen Anderson’s gothy-yet-funny Amelia Fang series or Sophy Henn’s Bad Nana books. Lexie’s dialogue is full of glo-ri-ous Louisiana turns of phrases and accents, but never so much that UK readers will lose their way. Ultimately, it’s a story of good (in this case, an Addams Family-style spooky swamp summer camp) being threatened by bad - the all-blonde, beauty-obsessed capitalist Euphemia Vile. Great fun.

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