Geek Girl: Forever Geek

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Publisher: HarperCollins

Harriet Manners is feeling good. With her best friend Nat and step-grandmother Bunty, she's off to Australia to model, launch Nat's fashion line, video call recent smooching partner Jasper and maybe, possibly, reel off a few facts. Of course, things are never that simple, especially when a certain ex-boyfriend called Nick happens to live Down Under…

Geek Girl fans will be dreading the final page, but Holly Smale goes out on a high. Harriet might have (several) faults, but it's impossible not to root for her and her dreams - as she figures out what exactly those might be.

With family, friendship, career and romantic dramas effortlessly interwoven - and a surprisingly emotional ending that will leave you blinking away tears - Forever Geek is as hilarious and thoughtful as ever. We might not all be models on tour with an astonishing array of facts at our disposal, but we've all been Harriet Manners at some point, and this is the perfect way to say goodbye.

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