Front Lines

Publisher: Egmont


It's an alternate history where girls are subject to the military draft in the US. Our three heroines have all enlisted for different reasons. They now find themselves not only facing the Nazis, but dealing with the racism and sexism that runs rife in the military.

The story is told through alternating viewpoints of Rio, Frangie and Rainy, following them through their training and ultimately on to the battlefield - even though no-one expects girls to end up on the front lines.

Front Lines is the first in a trilogy from bestselling author Michael Grant. It's a gripping read that gives great insight into daily life as a soldier and also parts of the second world war that aren't as regularly covered in fiction. Grant doesn't hold back with the graphic detail and writes in present tense, letting you feel the soldiers' anxiety.

Fast-paced, clever and with incredibly relatable characters, Front Lines is a fresh take on the second world war, with a lot of real history, while also letting females be kickass.

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