Dust 'n' Bones

Ten Ghost Stories

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books


Mould has adapted five classic short ghost stories and added five of his own invention in a similar vein.

There are well-loved tales by Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens. A lesser-known tale is one of E. Nesbit's ghost stories, which may come as a surprise to those who know her only for her full-length children's novels.

Mould's own work fits well with the older tales, and maintains the spine-tingling elements while introducing some more twenty-first century settings and situations.
Both his monochrome and coloured illustrations splendidly enhance the creepiness, being faintly reminiscent of Charles Keeping's sinister visualisations for Leon Garfield's novels, but spiced with humour.

This is an anthology guaranteed to chill spines pleasurably!

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