Drummer Girl

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Templar

Lucy’s best friend, bold, beautiful, Harper McKenzie has willed their all-girl band, Crush, into being. They’ve won a talent contest, been whisked to LA and played the Hollywood Bowl. Everything should be amazing - but instead, Lucy feels as though the band’s about to implode.

She’s sure Harper’s hiding what’s really going on with her bad-news ex-boyfriend; Toni and their manager seem unnaturally close; and overweight, insecure Robyn is taking diet pills. Drummer Lucy, should be the one keeping them together, but she soon discovers that this glamorous world has deadly undercurrents...

It may sound frothy, but a tight plot and believable characters who discover important truths about themselves, their families and the power games going on around them make this an addictively readable novel. With a glitzy rock 'n' roll setting, this is a dramatic story about love, friendship and the nature of fame that will especially appeal to fans of TV talent shows.

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